Click the link below to file your Individual Final Tax Return.

File Individual Final Tax Return Online with LCTCB.

Notice for your protection: Windows XP users using Internet Explorer must upgrade to a modern web browser to be able to connect to the above link when using Windows XP.

You will need the PIN from your printed final returnĀ or call 717-569-4521 and follow the prompts to obtain a PIN to file your return through our online system. You will need an email address and the Tax Liability (Line 9 on forms provided by LCTCB) from your prior year LCTCB Tax Return.

PINs can also be obtained in person with proper photo ID at LCTCB's office.

LCTCB collects for all of Lancaster County(including Octorara Area School District in Chester County).


Any Submissions made through this system will be considered legal tax filings.

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