Tax Rate Changes & Due Dates:

You can find this information by following the Employer Info at LCTCB Main Site link in the link list to the right.

 Update to the Excel Spreadsheet:

If you file both EIT and LST with LCTCB, you can submit both taxes on one spreadsheet.  Instructions and the updated Excel template can be found on the 'Employer' tab of our main site.

Submission Acceptance:

If you do not see any payment information on the ‘Make a Payment' tab, then your submission has not been completely accepted without errors.  You will need to check on the ‘Submission Status’ tab to look for errors or a rejection notice.  Once the submission has been completely accepted, you will be able to complete the submission by entering payment information and submitting.

Types of Payments:

There are 3 payment types you may choose after the submission has been processed. 

1.   ACH Debit – Use this payment type to have LCTCB deduct the payment from your checking or savings account on a date you select. Enter the bank name, routing number and account number.

2.   ACH Credit – This payment type must be set up with your banking institution and initiated by the tax payer with their bank.  Email ach@lctcb.org for instructions.

3.   Pay by Check – Print out the voucher, detach the coupon, and mail it along with your check to LCTCB.


The Submission of employee detail is not complete until you finish the payment steps and the status of your submission is 'Paid' on the 'Submission Status' tab. Failure to do this may result in penalties and interest being assessed for late payment.

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Any Submissions made through this system will be considered legal tax filings.

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